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January      (2018)

1st : the New Year's Day Shrine-Going
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

1st : the New Year's Day Temple-Going
(Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple)

27th : the Exhibition of the Senjyu-Kannon Image
(Fudarakusan-ji Temple)

27th:the 24th Festival of Maguro

February      (2018)

3rd : the Bean-Scattering Ceremony Celebrating the Coming of Spring
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine / Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple)

18th : the Snow Festival

(Nanki-Kuroshio Society of Commerce and Industry)

March      (2018)

17st - 23rd : the Buddhist Service of the Equinox
(Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple)

Late March to Late September : Whale Watching
(for 3 passengers or more)

April      (2018)

8thl : the Anniversary of Seiganto-ji Temple's Opening
(Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple)

14th : the Cherry Blossom Festival
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

21st : the Memorial Ceremony of Amida-ji Temple's Foundation
(Myouhou-san Amida-ji Temple)

May   (2018)

17th : the Fudarakusan-ji Temple's Spring Festival
(Fudarakusan-ji Temple)

June    (2018)

14th : the Hydrangea Festival
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

15th : the Greenery Festival
(Myouhou-san Amida-ji Temple)

July  (2018)

Early July: the Opening of the Blue Beach Nachi

9th : the Changing of the Nachi Waterfall's Sacred Straw Rope
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

10th : the Exhibition of the Senju-Kannon Image
(Fudarakusan-ji Temple)

14th : the Nachi Fire Festival (Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

Late July : Beach Volleyball Tournament (Blue Beach Nachi)

August  (2018)

11th : the Nachi Fire Work Display (Nachi Bay)

17th : the Buddhist Festival for the Dead People(Fudarakusan-ji Temple)

23th : the Niko Fire Festival (Niko)

September  (2018)

Mid September : A Dance Performed in a Lion's Mask in Takashiba
(Prefectural Intangible Cultural Treasure)

Mid September : the Annual Festival of Katsuura Hachiman Shrine

20th to 26th : the Buddhist Service of the Autumnal Equinox
(Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple)

October  (2018)

28th : the 32th "Again" Visit to Kumano
(Nachi Mountains)

November  (2018)

1th : the Festival of Nachi's Seven Deities of Fortune
(Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple)

14th : the Autumn Leaves Festival
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

December  (2018)

27th : the Changing of Straw Rope Fastoon at the Nachi Waterfall's Sacred
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

31st : the Nachi Waterfall lights up and Night Festival
(Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)

31st :the Seiganto-ji Temple's Bell on New Year's Eve
(Nachi-san Seiganto-ji Temple)






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