Japan's Dpirtual Heart land!

A Spiritual Rebirth in Kumano

More than a thousand years ago, a retired emperor and his followers visited the Kumano Grand Shrines. This was the start of the so-called Kumano Faith.
Since then, many pilgrims from nobles to commoners have visited Kumano.

“All You Need to know about Nachi-Katsuura Town”
Nachi-Katsuura Town has many fantastic things to experience including: The Kumano Kodo
Pilgrimage Routes, the Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine and the Nachi Great Waterfall
UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Have fun visiting our web site. We have “All you need to know about Nachi-Katsuura Town.”

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English Guide Available

Reservation1group only (1~20 people)

①Daimonzaka   50min


➁Daimonzaka, Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine

                            and  Nachi Waterfall      2h30min 

     \6000(1~5people)   /    \12000(6~20)

Other courses avilable .

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World Heritage registered!

In July 2004, Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes and its religious treasures were registered a UNESCO world heritage site as “The Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.”

Heian Period Costume Experience

1 hour ¥2000   2hours \3000 
Visit “Daimonzaka Chaya ” in   Daimonzaka-slope

(Without booking avilable but you may need to wait.)

Booking site of  VELTRA


  Nachikatsuura  Tourism Association       (open 8:30-18:00) JR Kii-katsuura Station 



Lonely planet “BEST inTRAVEL 2018”

Chosen as No.5 for Regions! 

How to visit KUMANO!

Useful site Kumano Tourism Bureau


2 Places ¥1000

Can use : KatsuuraGyoen,Katsuura Kanko Hotel,              Hotel Nagisaya,  Nachi Nishiki No Yu, Kayuu ,  Kyuukamura Nanki Katsuura 

 Get Kumano Sanzan Special japanese towel !!

  • Collect commemorative Goshuin stamps of 3shrines &1tample’s. Also need to stay in Hongu,Tanabe,Shingu and NachiKatsuura .               More Information Check for PDF

Whale Watching Reservation


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Fish Marker Schedule  Click here


 Event Schedule

 15 September 2019

Hachiman Festival                                    at Katsuura Hachiman Shrine 

 27 October 2019

 AGAIN Kumano Moude Pilgrimage   at  Mt.Nachi

2 November 2019 

Lanthaum Festa

at Three Storied Pagoda 18:30

16 November 2019

 Ise Robster Festival 

 at Katsuura Fish Market





Nachikatsuura Town Map1 

Nachikatsuura Town  Map2

Kumano Kodo Trail

Around Mt,Nachi (Nachi Waterfall,Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine)

Mandara no Michi Trail (Nachi Station-Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine)

OOhechi Trail (Nachi Station – Kii Uragami Station)

Ogumotori-goe (Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine – Koguchi)

Kogumotori-goe (Koguchi – Ukegawa(Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine))